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    Due to Turkey’s rapidly financial growth and increasing population, real estate market has been developing for last five years.

    Main factors in this development are the increasing number of new real estate projects, increasing demand on housing and workplace depending on population in big cities, infrastructure investments such as Marmaray, third Bosphorus Bridge and Third Airport in Istanbul. Moreover, the amendments in Turkish Lawyers Register Code and related regulations in 2012 are very significant especially with regard to the equality principle in foreign direct investments and acquisition of ownership.

    Foreign-capital company has been regulated by Land Register Code in three different categories:
    A company incorporated in Turkish Lawyers at least 50% of shares of which foreigners, legal entities established according to foreign jurisdictions and international organisations hold or in which these persons or legal entities are entitled to appoint or discharge the majority of managers,
    Directly or indirectly partnership of abovementioned companies with a company established in Turkey at the rate of 50%,
    Foreign-capital companies which are not included by abovementioned companies
    Briefly, a foreign-capital company is a Turkish Lawyers company which is incorporated by a foreign investor or with which a foreign investor is in a partnership. Foreign investor has been defined as persons with foreign citizenship or Turkish citizens resident abroad, legal entities which are established according to the foreign jurisdictions or foreign organizations.

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